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Love them.  Merry Christmas to you and all! -Will  
You thought I forgot, didn't you.  I'm ho-ho-hoping for a great year of geyser gazing for everyone in 2016. Steve Gryc  I Heard The Thump And Felt The Spray     (to the tune of “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day”) I heard the thump and felt the spray,     When Sawmill Geyser played today,And as the bursting reached its peak,     The Tardy Geyser steamed but weak. And after Sawmill deeply drained,     Uncertain Geyser played again.Both Tardy and Spasmodic paused,     And Churn did spout to great applause.  I Was There For Splendid     (to the tune of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”) I was there for Splendid,As it soared so high,Liquid gems and diademsResplendent in the sky.Daisy played in concert,Nature’s grandest scene.I was there for Splendid,If only in a dream.
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