[Geysers] last day for the Snow Lodge

Bell, Catherine cathy_bell at nps.gov
Sun Mar 2 13:22:36 PST 2014

Hello from Old Faithful, where the season is drawing to a close.

Today is a lovely, snowy, and quiet day here.  The Snow Lodge is in the
process of shutting down, and last night was the last night for overnight
guests.  We here at the visitor center have two more weeks remaining in the
season, but after today, everyone we see will be a day visitor.  The Geyser
Grill and Bear Den gift shop will remain open until park close on March 15.

My most interesting news is that Beauty Pool started overflowing
dramatically about a week and a half ago.  I skied by on geyser predict
last Wednesday and was startled to see that unbroken on the opposite side
of the boardwalk and collapsed and melted away.  Earlier in the winter, I
had placed a snow pole alongside the boardwalk at that spot to help people
stay on the path: the drifting snow was bad enough that it was almost
impossible to discern exactly where the boardwalk went.  Now, there is no
need for the snow pole, as it is blatantly obvious where the edge of the
boardwalk is.

Aside from that, I don't really have much news from the geyser basin.  No
activity at Giant.  Nothing from Fan and Mortar since February 10.  The
predictable geysers continue to be their predictable selves.  We've had
numerous Lone Star reports in the past couple of weeks; the geyser is often
erupting around midday, which has permitted many people to enjoy it.

We had a 77-minute interval on Old Faithful yesterday, following an
eruption with a duration of 4:08.

Last night there were two wolves, a black and a gray, seen near a carcass
on Iron Spring Creek, just downstream of Black Sand Basin.

Enjoy what's left of winter wherever you are (assuming you're all in the
Northern Hemisphere)!

Cathy Bell
Park Ranger
Old Faithful Visitor Education Center
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190
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