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The park should change the parking back to the way it was, it has spaces for way more vehicles.
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In an attempt to solve the parking problems at Norris rangers are controlling access to the parking lot because it is filling by 10 and people are parking everywhere and getting stuck in the lot (much like FPP, etc). Only letting a car in if a car leaves or if they are busy just closing the lot until they can come back and open it

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Please elucidate ... rangers at Norris were controlling access because...?


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>Geyser Report Sunday, July 27, 2014
>Today was Norris for me.  I arrived about 0600 and unfortunately
>waited in the car for the freezing temps to let up a bit.  When I got
>to Whirligig, the poll was very low and the runoff "dry".
>Constant: 0638, 0656, 0714, 0728, 0744, 0803, 0819 (minor? balk? it
>didn't really erupt), approx 0838, 0852, 0908, 0940 (the pool stayed
>full and pulsed waves for a bit after the eruption), 0956
>Whirligig: 0956
>Vixen: 1030ie ended @ 1032, 1037 d=5+, 1048 d=6, 1059 d=2-1/2, 1107 d=4
>Vixen was doing 25-30 feet.
>After frosty walks this AM, the back basin got very warm by late AM.
>When I left, NPS staff seemed to be controlling access as I left.
>Barbara Lasseter
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