[Geysers] Odds & ends, July 25-28

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Mon Jul 28 23:44:37 PDT 2014

A few quick items:

Round Spring has been having small eruptions again this year, frequently enough to be seen by several gazers as they passed by on the bike path.  The eruptions have been 1-2 feet high and the one I saw consisted of only a few splashes.  Evidently similar activity was happening in 2013.

There was a thrilling "false lock" at Fan & Mortar on July 26.  The event cycle had consisted of Main Vent splashing and one River pause.  River tried to shut off again for a double pause but failed; when Gold started 16 minutes into River on, water levels were very good and 7 minutes later I was calling it a lock.  This persisted for 6 minutes, but the water levels then tanked with no eruption.  A very similar cycle occurred about 11 hours later, with another failed double pause and excellent water levels, but no actual lock.  False locks have been seen about once per active year since 2004.

This Fan & Mortar interval was characterized by many, many hours of constant or near-constant Angle splashing.  I have seen plenty of garbage activity in the past, but I don't think I had ever seen it last this long.

In the Lower Basin, Deep Blue's Vent #13 has been active recently, having angled, booshy eruptions.  I saw two series this evening, with in-series intervals of 1-5 minutes and durations of about 20 seconds.  The height was typical of what I have seen in the past, probably 30-40 feet.

--Tara Cross
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