[Geysers] Geyser Report Sunday, July 27, 2014

T Scott Bryan TSBryan at aol.com
Sun Jul 27 19:46:52 PDT 2014

Please elucidate ... rangers at Norris were controlling access because...?


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Barbara Lasseter <barbara.lasseter at gmail.com> wrote:

>Geyser Report Sunday, July 27, 2014
>Today was Norris for me.  I arrived about 0600 and unfortunately
>waited in the car for the freezing temps to let up a bit.  When I got
>to Whirligig, the poll was very low and the runoff "dry".
>Constant: 0638, 0656, 0714, 0728, 0744, 0803, 0819 (minor? balk? it
>didn't really erupt), approx 0838, 0852, 0908, 0940 (the pool stayed
>full and pulsed waves for a bit after the eruption), 0956
>Whirligig: 0956
>Vixen: 1030ie ended @ 1032, 1037 d=5+, 1048 d=6, 1059 d=2-1/2, 1107 d=4
>Vixen was doing 25-30 feet.
>After frosty walks this AM, the back basin got very warm by late AM.
>When I left, NPS staff seemed to be controlling access as I left.
>Barbara Lasseter
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