[Geysers] West Thumb - King Geyser

Janet White janet at snowmoon.us
Wed Jul 23 20:38:04 PDT 2014

King Geyser is erupting over at West Thumb. Mike and I saw the steam 
cloud as we drove off on Sunday (20 July 2014), and today (23 July 2014) 
I arrived at Abyss Pool about 9:45 in the morning and was rewarded with 
an eruption of King Geyser at 1321.

Afterwards, I headed over to Grant to get the times from the log book 
there. They've all now been entered into Geyser Times, but there may be 
a few more to add from the main Grant log book. I'll check that on my 
next trip in.

A full report will be up at http://geyserwatch.com just as soon as I can 
get a bit of time to organize the notes into something more cohesive and 
process some photos.

Lots of interesting things happening there as usual - if you're into 
tracking the small things. Most interesting was an entry about Lakeside 
Spring: "6/26/14 - Lakeside Spring 3:00-3:15 [PM] height of ~ 2 ft. 
Surged like Surging Spring (bouncing)."

Janet White
janet at snowmoon.us

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