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Stephen Eide stepheneide at cableone.net
Thu Jul 10 20:36:03 PDT 2014

Hello all,

It is unfortunate that the Firehole loop road is closed, because Young
Hopeful is erupting quite regularly to about ten feet.  Or at least I think
it is Young Hopeful and not Gray Bulger.  Two descriptions that I hope will
help:  The vent erupting is on the far right from board walk and the
farthest vent out, or in the northeast corner of the springs in that area.
The biggest pool in the area is a "J" shaped pool with the top of the "J"
to the east.  To the east of this end of the pool is a small table colored
mottled Tan/Brown/Black with a crack-like vent in it.  This is the erupting
vent.  I first saw the eruptions on July 4th and I only caught three
intervals, two from the parking lot.  All had durations in the 3-4 minute
range and intervals of about eight minutes  I went back on July 6th and
caught seven intervals.  The durations ranged from 3 minutes 42 seconds to
4 minutes 24 sections with an average of a fraction of a second over 4
minutes.  The intervals ranged from 8 minutes 16 seconds to 11 minutes 46
seconds with an average of 9 minutes 17 seconds.  The first minute to
minute and a half of the eruption continues at about 10 feet high, then it
drops gradually for the rest of the eruption.  When the eruption starts
most of the other perpetual vents in the area stop for the first three
minutes of the eruption with one exception, the vent between Young Hopeful
and the boardwalk just weakens and the water level drops but it does not
stop.  For the last minute of the eruption the other vents start turning
back on again.  In the area, Artesia is not erupting, it just boils
consistently to about two feet.  About 30 feet to the northwest of Artesia
in Hot Lake a vent is intermittently active with "Firehole" like bubbles at
the bottom of the vent but just mild rolling of hot water at the surface.
I did not stop to document its intervals.  I hope it is still active when
the road opens.  I have some pictures but I am having a bit of a problem
having my computer download them.  So they should follow.  If I have given
this vent the wrong name, please correct me.

Stephen Eide
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