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Mon Jul 7 18:00:35 PDT 2014

I'll try to write up a trip report for the August Sput.  In the meantime, here's a couple tidbits:
If you arrive at the Fountain Complex, and discover that Fountain has already erupted, but Twig is still erupting, hang around a little while.  If you get the end of Twig,  back the time up 75 minutes to get a close approximation of the Fountain start time.  Then, if you've never heard a Twig steam phase, you might want to hang around a couple more minutes to hear the "lady-like" (Bill Warnock's term) steam phase.
Based on two closed intervals, Till's average interval is just about double Fountain's average interval.  I haven't gotten very many data points on Till because Till and Fountain cycles are in synch and I haven't been willing to give up very many Fountain eruptions.
Pink Cone's intervals have varied from about 17-18 hours to over 25 hours.
On June 26 Cassidy, Connor, and I noted that the energy had shifted from Beauty to Chromatic.
Lynn Stephens
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