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All of Dave Whinery's data is very consistent with what I saw in Biscuit Basin on July 31 including no real eruptions from Outpost or Sentry but one instance of Outpost spitting a little water. Whenever Outpost has been dormant, the area behind (just north) of Outpost has shown some kind of activity or there has been a quiescent pool there. I also saw one eruption of Yellow Bubbler. 

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Monday, August 25, 2014 

This geyser report includes eruptions I saw and eruption times reported via FRS radio. 

I spent a total of about 3 hours in Biscuit Basin today over two observing sessions, mainly taking intervals of Jewel and East Mustard and observing the “Outpost” complex. Avoca Spring, Shell Spring, and Rusty were all undergoing frequent eruptions, but I did not record intervals for them. Salt and Pepper and Island were also active. 

Jewel intervals ranged from 7 to 9 minutes with an average of 8 minutes, 5 seconds for 23 closed intervals. East Mustard intervals ranged from 8 to 10 minutes, with an average of 9 minutes, 3 seconds for 19 closed intervals. The actual eruption times for Jewel and East Mustard are included in the report below. 

I saw no eruptions of either “Outpost” or “Sentry”. The first 55 minutes of my observing session were spent down near Jewel, so it is possible that “Outpost” erupted during that period and was not observed, although in past years I have usually been able to see eruptions of “Outpost” from that location. By 1550, I had moved to the bench at the north end of boardwalk near East Mustard and from then until 1655 and again from 1935 until 2040 I had “Outpost” under observation and can definitively state that neither “Outpost” or “Sentry” had any eruptions during those two separate 65 minute windows. The only eruptions I saw in the entire “Outpost” complex during my observing sessions were a single 14-minute duration eruption of “Yellow Bubbler” and an eruption from a feature I have not seen erupt before located between “Outpost” and “Yellow Bubbler” about midway between those two geysers right in front of a long narrow strip of grass running from west to east. This feature erupted to about 1 foot, with occasional splashes reaching close to 2 feet. I observed this feature in eruption at 1559 and it continued to erupt until 1608 for a duration of at least 9 minutes. I also observed a shallow depression on the north-northeast edge of “Outpost” fill with water and bubble for several minutes and then drain on three separate occasions. During one of these fills, I could hear slight gurgling in “Outpost” and saw a couple of small splashes of water just break the surface. This ended after about 60 seconds and I saw and heard nothing further from “Outpost” for the remainder of my observation sessions. 

Eruption times: 

Daisy: 0751ie, 1030, 1306ie, 1526ie 

Rift: 0820ie 

West Triplet: 0820ie 

Sawmill: 0911 

Oblong: 0916ie 1516 

Grotto Fountain: 1011 

Grotto: 1012 

Grand: 1030 (T2C), 1626 

Fountain: 1120 d=33, 1728 

Castle: 1122 (major) 

Beehive’s Indicator: 1155 

Beehive: 1210 

Rocket (major): 1208 

Aurum: 1224 

Great Fountain: 1230 

Riverside: 1253 

Lion: 1307 (initial), 1421 

Little Cub: 1424ie 

Three Crater: 1428ie 1728ie 

East Mustard: 1455, 1504, 1512, 1522, 1531, 1540, 1549, 1558, 1607, 1616, 1625, 1634, 1643, 1653 / 1935ie, 1941, 1950, 1959, 2008, 2017, 2026, 2035 

Jewel: 1456, 1505, 1514, 1521, 1528, 1536, 1543, 1551, 1558, 1606, 1614, 1622, 1630, 1638, 1646, 1654 / 1933, 1941, 1949, 1957, 2006, 2015, 2024, 2033, 2041 

“Yellow Bubbler”: 1604 d=14 min 

Flood: 1736ie 1921ie 

Kidney Spring: 1743ie 

White Dome: 1803 

Box Spring: 1818, 1841, 1904 

Bead: 1837, 1908 

Dave Whinery 

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