[Geysers] Photographs of Bad Visitors Needed!

Michelle Eide michellechristine08 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 20:50:48 PDT 2014

Hi all,

One of the supervisors at Old Faithful, Rita Garcia, is trying to put
together a file of photos showing people misbehaving in the geyser basins.
We are hoping that you can help us by sending in any bad visitor photos
that you have. Rita is looking for any pictures that people have of
visitors off boardwalk, throwing coins, harassing animals, etc.

The purpose of this project is to try to collect enough evidence showing
people ignoring the rules so that the people a little higher up will be
forced to stop ignoring a problem that they know is there. She is hoping to
get them to invest in signage in multiple languages so that no one can use
"I didn't know" or "I don't speak English' as an excuse anymore.

We would appreciate any assistance you can give us with this issue.
Email any photos you would like to myself, Rita, or Joanne Kearney. I have
put our email addresses below.

michelle_eide at nps.gov
rita_garcia at nps.gov
joanne_kearney at nps.gov

Thank you!
Michelle Eide
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