[Geysers] Water in Feather

Janet White janet at snowmoon.us
Fri Aug 15 18:39:48 PDT 2014


Interesting at Giant today [15 Aug 2014] - Splashes from Mastiff and 
Bijou off, but Catfish splashing drew me to the cage to see what was 
happening. Surprised to see water in Feather (or at least what I 
remember as Feather). Grotto off. Water in GIP. Steam from the platform 
vents. Steam from Turtle. Steam from the hole to the 'left' of GIP. 
Variable Spring sending up bubbles that could be considered light boiling.

Spa was listed yesterday evening, so I'm guessing this was part of the 
recovery. Maybe this normally happens during a recovery from a marathon, 
but thought I'd at least mention it.

More to come on my blog, when I've had a bit of sleep (long day). But 
I'd be interested to hear what others think on this. IF it was an actual 
Giant Hot Period, it was the weakest one I know I've ever seen. At this 
point, I'm not willing to call it more than "Wow - water in Feather!"

[This was also posted to the Facebook Group]

Janet White

janet at snowmoon.us

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