[Geysers] Geyser Report Friday, August 1, 2014

Barbara Lasseter barbara.lasseter at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 16:54:18 PDT 2014

Geyser Report Friday, August 1, 2014

A very nice day til lightning drove me off Grand about 1310.  No one
can complain about garbage mode at Fan & Mortar today.  We had 1 event
cycle after another!

Beehive 1041 (water @ 1025, indicator @ 1027)  Yesterday's Beehive was
1319 with a very short indicator.

Grand: 0620 (0622E NPS)  Geyser Times shows it erupted at 1513--not
sorry I left!
Rift: 0838ie FRS

Lion: 0548ie FRS, 0654, 0808 minor (full height, duration under 30sec)
Little Cub ie @ 0736, 0817, 0855, 0959, 1031
Depression: 1031
Castle: major @ 0744 (0747E)
Oblong: 0654ns FRS, 1224ie
Riverside: 0552ie FRS, 1203
Daisy: 0801FRS, 1035ie, 1306
Artemisia: 0717 FRS
Fountain: 1327GT--I saw it ie at 1336 and what looked like a nice
spike from Morning's Thief at the same time.
Great Fountain: predicted 1125 +- 15min
Pink: 0540 per gazer  I saw it ie about 10min later.
Spa: 0554ie FRS
Slot: 0916ie, 0948ie, 1017ie
Plate: 1020ie
Tilt's Baby: 1027 FRS
Flood: ie at 1331

Another 2 deer sightings today.  Also a Ranger vehicle driving beside
a bison, not having much luck urging it off the road.  Not many bison
along my route yet.  Elk continue to  frequent the west entrance road.
The Rod Runners (street rods, hot rods, classic cars and special
interest vehicles) were cruising the park.  Their parade in WYS is
tomorrow. Between that and the Smoking Waters Mountain Man Rendezvous
that started today, I plan to lay low and get chores done.

Barbara Lasseter

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