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My apologies.  I have a typo in the message.  There wet two known double intervals in 2013 that were over 27 hours, not 30 hours.  (30 hour doubles come from a different year).  The phase "as has happened in 2013" should not have been included in the third paragraph.  30 hour doubles have been known to occur in prior years, but not in 2013.
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Gordon Bower wrote:
>At Great Fountain, the past week on Geysertimes shows three 19-21 hour double intervals and two 30-31 hour triples, as well as two closed intervals of 8h55m and 11h06m. There have been occasional scattered short intervals all summer, but the average has been over 11 hours.
The time frame cited covers 17 intervals. The mean for 17 intervals has not always been over 11 hours during the 2013 summer season.  I found at least two stretches across 17 intervals where the mean was 5-10 minutes under 11 hours.
The mean for the 17 intervals cited for September MAY have been 10h19m30s.  This assumes that the two 30-31 hour intervals were both triples.  However, there were at least two cases where a known double interval was over 30 hours in 2013.  Thus, the 30-31 hour intervals may not have been triples.  They could have been doubles.  The means for the two stretches across 17 intervals I mentioned were 10h50m (calculation included one presumed triple) and 10h54m (calculation did not include any presumed triple intervals).  At first glance, the September mean appears to be about 30-35 minutes greater than the mean across the September intervals.  However, if the shortest presumed triple of 30h41 minutes is instead assumed to be a double interval, as has happened in 2013, then the mean across the September intervals increases to 10h58m23s, consistent with the mean across the 17 intervals I cited.
 Again, I would be hesitant to conclude that Great Fountain's interval was impacted by the mid-September Lower Basin earthquakes until there was more data showing a sustained impact that did not depend upon assumptions about triple intervals.  The data cited for the September period is not inconsistent with data for other stretches during the 2013 season.
Lynn Stephens

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