[Geysers] FAN & MORTAR 1558 20 Sept. 2013

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Delighted you saw F & M Bill.  Must have been amazing. Wlll look forward to seeing photos.
We missed seeing you this year.
Dan and I saw the 2131 F & M and were pleased but a daylight one is infinitely preferable of course.
Hope you are well
Best wishes

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> Beautiful sunlit eruption. I arrived after Grand 1453 eruption.  Earlier at 1425 F&M was still with weak splashing in Bottom.  When I returned at 1525, Bottom was in full eruption with water reaching river.  Several splashes in Main Vent between 1525 and 1530. I rode bike up to Riverside to repeat radio call since no one responded to my radio call from F&M. River Vent on at 1536, Hi/Gold on at 1538 with good water levels, Angle on at 1546.  (Riverside erupted at 1546 as well.)  Then lock at 1554, splashing in Upper Mortar, then East Vent exploded at 1558 followed within 2 seconds by Upper and Lower Mortar.  Upper was as high as I've ever seen it.  Will post pictures later.  Only about 4 other gazers reached F&M in time.  Two 11 + day intervals..hmmmmm.
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