[Geysers] Whirligig geyser July 29 - 10 minutes eruption

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Thu Sep 19 20:06:02 PDT 2013

From:	Craig <craigmon99 at munsonhome.org>
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Subject:	Whirligig geyser July 29 10 minutes eruption
Date:	Thu, 19 Sep 2013 19:35:49 -0700

Hello, this is my account of the 10 minute Whirligig geyser eruption on 
July 29:

Whirligig geyser started as it normally does. The play continued normal
for 5 minutes and the water level was beginning to lower. While it was
lowering it was still churning. I thought it was almost finished when
surprisingly the water level shot back up rapidly. It continued churning
for 5 more minutes until it finally quit and drained completely. I could
see where this could be 2 back-to-back eruptions but the pay of
Whirligig never stopped. I found this very intriguing. This might have
something to do with the Constant geyser temperature spike. I did not
see Constant the entire time I was in the basin although I did see
Fireball geyser.

- Craig Munson Jr.

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