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'Tis only a guess (maybe a bit more than that), but could "Red Cone" really 
 be Pink Cone, and if so could the pool be Shelf Spring?
Scott Bryan
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As I was scrolling through the Yellowstone digital slide file, I  noticed a 
picture of a hot pool near "Red Cone Geyser."  The picture was  taken in 
1964 by William S. Keller.
I have two questions:
1.  Can  anyone provide a name and/or location for the pool shown in the  
2.  What information, if any, is available on "Red  Cone Geyser."  (I 
looked at Whittlesey's Wonderland Nomenclature.   Lee doesn't have an entry for 
"Red Cone Geyser," and also doesn't include  the name "Red Cone Geyser" in 
the Appendix listing names of features that are  obsolete.)

Here's a link to the photo:  
202.jpg) .

Thank  you for any information anyone can provide.

Lynn  Stephens

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