[Geysers] Oscillating pairs of springs/geysers

Davis, Brian L. brdavis at iusb.edu
Tue Mar 13 06:40:16 PDT 2012

Reading through "Geyser of Yellowstone" yet again, the description of Bead Geyser & "Terracette Spring" caught my eye. Evidently when water levels in Bead fall, "Terracette Spring" rises a few inches. Do these oscillate periodically, or chaotically? In a similar fashion when Steamboat erupts Cistern Spring can drop very deeply. What are some other common examples of this synchronicity between two or more features? Are many of these periodic pairs? At one point I developed a model that showed some of these behaviors, (in an attempt to understand Cistern Spring), but it confused me and I moved on... now I'm curious again?

So... favorite periodic pairs, with oscillation periods if known?

Brian Davis

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