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Fri Jan 27 01:23:25 PST 2012

No eruptions of Lion were seen today, 2/13/2012.

North Goggles 	0656 wc min, 0714 wc min, 0731 wc min, 0806 wc min, 0841
wc min, 0853 wc min, 0911 wc min, 0929 ie wc min, 1004 wc min, 1022 wc,
1034 ie wc, 1052 wc, 1104 wc, 1123 wc, 1200 ie wc, 1231 wc min, 1250 wc
min, 1309 wc min, 1327 wc min, 1346 wc min, 1416 ie wc min, 1431 wc min,
1536 wc min -- Total of 23 eruptions reported.

No eruption of North Goggles was seen after the 1536 eruption.  I double
checked this on the recordings.  

Does anyone know if the behavior we've seen the past two days has been
seen before?

Janet White reminded me of something I forgot to mention in yesterday's
report.  Puffing steam was seen from Goggle Spring after both 195 second
duration eruptions of North Goggles but no water was visible on the
webcam.  Of course water from a normal eruption of Goggle Spring is
unlikely to be seen on the webcam.


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