[Geysers] Fw: eruption at Fountain Paint Pots

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Of  course - the snow to the N of Morning.  


Paul Strasser



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Look to the right of the photo-at all the undisturbed snow on the slope
leading away from the back of Morning's crater towards the Sprinkler Group.
When Morning is active it floods that area.  Even in 1991 and 1994 when it
was erupitng from a 3/4 full pool it poured water to the north down these
old and established runoff channels.  My guess is just Morning's Thief.  Has
anyone seen anything else since to make us believe Fountain has stopped and
Morning is active?




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The following message is from Karen Low.  I've resized the photo. Anyone
that wants the original large image, just write and I'll send it.  You
can't really see anything more in the larger image.  -- Dave

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Subject: eruption at Fountain Paint Pots
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A passenger took this picture on a friend's snowcoach tour.  We are
wondering if Morning is erupting or just Morning's Thief.  With the two
spikes I'm being indecisive as to how to call it.

Karen Low

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