[Geysers] Purple Pools

David and Ginger Starck davidjohl at aol.com
Mon Feb 13 21:35:32 PST 2012


I do have video of the South Purple Pool eruptions from 1998. That's the
good news!


The bad news is that the video is in Oregon and we are in Arizona. Also, I
have no idea how to send these to you except by USPS! It is currently on a
cassette along with other eruptions.


As I recall, we were sitting at Grand Geyser when Mike Keller called South
Purple Pool and a bunch of us ran down the boardwalk to the bridge and I had
to beg a fresh video tape from someone, so I was able to tape several of the
eruptions with rocks and sticks being thrown out and fish jumping in the
river where the runoff was flowing in.


I will be driving back to Oregon in a couple of weeks and can try to find


I can be reached at davidjohl at aol.com


Do you have any hints as to how I may get you a copy?


Dave Starck


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I was wondering if anyone had video of the purple pools eruption in 1998.
My son was there for the initial eruption with Mike Keller and he would love
to see some video if it is available.   I would appreciate any help you can
give.  We have already tried You Tube but couldn't find anything.   I also
tried the chat page and someone said they thought Michael F. had something.



Joan Payne

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