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Mon Feb 13 11:49:33 PST 2012

Thanks for clearing that up, i'll be sure to keep the URL to myself.  And
once again, great collection!

Demetri Stoumbos

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 2:15 PM, Michael Frazier <gigagraphica at me.com>wrote:

> The movies are all still there, but the URL was changed to make them
> impossible for the search engine robots to find. The website is hosted on a
> server that shares my limited DSL internet connection. The traffic from
> robots (even with a no robots file) and the internet continued to grow
> until it became unbearable. To get to the main index page, start with the
> link I posted in a previous message.  Delete all the characters after the
> oldgeyser/ and that is the address of the index page. You can then navigate
> to all the movies by clicking on the A-Z button. Please don't publicly post
> the link to the index page or the robots will be back.
> Mike Frazier
> On Feb 12, 2012, at 4:54 AM, Demetri Stoumbos wrote:
> I don't personally have any movies (I don't even know if Purple Pools have
> erupted since I've become a geyser gazer), but rather a website that used
> to have a video of them erupting as well as tons of other rare geysers, and
> a plea for whoever ran the website to put them back up.
> http://www.gigagraphica.com/geyser/ (it requires the www or else it's
> another website) was a treasure trove of uncommon geyser eruption videos,
> but now all it reads is "I have decided to take down the Geyser Cinema
> website. There is so much more available on the web now there is really
> no need to have a dedicated website. Look on You Tube for lots and lots of
> geyser movies."  And yes, true, there are more videos than anybody could
> watch on YouTube of Old Faithful, Strokkur, and Clepsydra, but not many of
> those a gazer would like to see.  So if anyone knows who ran the site (or
> preferably he or she is on the listserv), I would be obliged if you could
> pass on my plea to put all those videos back online.
> Thanks,
> Demetri Stoumbos (aka That Crazy Aurum Guy)
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