[Geysers] Purple Pools

Karen Webb caros at xmission.com
Sun Feb 12 19:19:58 PST 2012

I haven't looked for a while, but I can't believe this site got taken 
down. This is the site where I watched the PPs (rocks and all). OMG. I 
can't remember the gentleman's name, but I wonder if we begged en masse 
for him to put it back up he'd do it? Yes, you can't compare the videos 
on YouTube with the little gems people contributed to the gigagraphica 
site. Can we do a virtual Occupy Gigagraphica?
Karen Webb

On 2/12/2012 4:54 AM, Demetri Stoumbos wrote:
> I don't personally have any movies (I don't even know if Purple Pools 
> have erupted since I've become a geyser gazer), but rather a website 
> that used to have a video of them erupting as well as tons of other 
> rare geysers, and a plea for whoever ran the website to put them back 
> up. http://www.gigagraphica.com/geyser/ (it requires the www or else 
> it's another website) was a treasure trove of uncommon geyser eruption 
> videos, but now all it reads is "I have decided to take down the 
> Geyser Cinema website. There is so much more available on the web now 
> there is really no need to have a dedicated website. Look on You Tube 
> for lots and lots of geyser movies." And yes, true, there are more 
> videos than anybody could watch on YouTube of Old Faithful, Strokkur, 
> and Clepsydra, but not many of those a gazer would like to see.  So if 
> anyone knows who ran the site (or preferably he or she is on the 
> listserv), I would be obliged if you could pass on my plea to put all 
> those videos back online.
> Thanks,
> Demetri Stoumbos (aka That Crazy Aurum Guy)
> On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 2:42 PM, Joan Payne <imapayne at cableone.net 
> <mailto:imapayne at cableone.net>> wrote:
>     I was wondering if anyone had video of the purple pools eruption
>     in 1998.  My son was there for the initial eruption with Mike
>     Keller and he would love to see some video if it is available.   I
>     would appreciate any help you can give.  We have already tried You
>     Tube but couldn't find anything.   I also tried the chat page and
>     someone said they thought Michael F. had something.
>     Thanks,
>     Joan Payne
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