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Hummm, all I have ever seen when Spiteful erupted is that the twin vents are almost from the middle of the pool and somewhat closer to the drain area, not from where it spits or along that far edge where it  has bubbles.  The columns of water appear to be about a foot across and very close to each other.  I have never seen any other type of eruption from it.  

I don't seem to have any pictures.....then again, perhaps there is another vent because it got the boardwalk wet (windy??)....it's been a few years since I sat and watched it erupt the last time, maybe 5 not more than 7, I know it was in September and before my F-in-L died because he was in a wheelchair, before that it was in the 1960s   when I spent a lot of time in that area.  It was the year that they brought the old Grand benches down to F&M.

The first time I watched it I was standing on the sinter near the top end (before boardwalks) and it erupted, I almost had a heart attack,  so I will never forget it, but I don't remember a third vent even then.....Hopefully someone will remember more.  Inez



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A question for all:

Is the small vent at the uphill edge of Spiteful Geyser's crater an independent 

Also, I recall that a second vent existed here.  Was it, too, a geyser?

Thank you for your opinions on this issue.

Jeff Cross
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