[Geysers] Beehive No Indicator eruptions

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I don't have hard data to support it, but I think no indicator eruptions are more common in winter than in summer.  Or at least in my experience.  I've definitely seen more no indicator Beehive eruptions in winter  Perhaps because Close to Cone is acting as a substitute indicator?

Karen Low

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I’m not a history buff but I can’t remember a lot of articles that said 
that Beehive was having a sizeable number of short indicators or no
indicator eruptions. So how rare are no indicator Beehive eruptions?
This is a list of all the recent no indicator eruptions (from geyser 
9/30/2012 Beehive 00:52 – Indicator 00:54
10/17/2012 Beehive 09:34wc – Indicator 09:36wc
10/20/2012 Beehive 11:14wc – No Indicator
11/8/2012 Beehive 16:55wc – Indicator 16:58
11/26/2012 Beehive 15:36wc – No Indicator
12/7/2012 Beehive 13:36wc – No Indicator
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