[Geysers] Fan and Mortar 9/28/2011

Ken Reeves kreeves5 at cox.net
Fri Sep 30 22:57:37 PDT 2011

Also here are a couple of stories from my wait for Beehive Indicator a 
few days ago.
> 1. A girl about 20 was escorting friends near Beehive and explained 
> that you could not swim in the Firehole River in the area because the 
> river was much too hot.
My guess on this is it was implied from the book "Yellowstone Trivia" by 
Janet Spencer:

(question about the Firehole river)  "By the time it reaches Firehole 
Falls below  Lower Geyser Basin - a distance of about 12 miles as the 
crow flies - what is the river's water temperature?"

(answer) "110 degrees F"

At least for me, 110 degrees F would be way to hot to swim.

I myself have never swam in the Firehole river, but I have seen many 
swimming below Firehole Cascades (well above Firehole Falls), and I have 
placed my hand in the water there.  It sure felt much less than 110 
degrees F.

Ken Reeves
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