[Geysers] Fan and Mortar 9/28/2011

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Thu Sep 29 17:20:57 PDT 2011

After about a 6.5 day interval Fan and Mortar erupted today. There were no event cycles today until

1458  First splash in Main.

1519  River on with splashing continuing.

1522  River off for River vent pause. Splashing continued.

1543  River on. Last splash at 1546.

1551  Gold on.

1555  Angle on.

1602  Lock called.

1607  Fan and Mortar started with East vent.

1622  First pause.

1624  Restart.

1639  Last water.

d = 32 min.

It was a strong eruption with one burst reaching the far side of the depression next to Norris Pool.

Also here are a couple of stories from my wait for Beehive Indicator a few days ago.

1. A girl about 20 was escorting friends near Beehive and explained that you could not swim in the Firehole River in the area because the river was much too hot.

2. A few minutes later a father came by with his son and on seeing steam coming out of Beehive told the son "Look how hot it is. It is so hot that at night you can see it glow red."

Jim Scheirer

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