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Thank you for  this Pat - although I can't seem to get the web cam to work today.  Is there any trick to it?

I am actually planning a trip to Iceland and wondering if anybody has reliable information about Geysir.  There is conflicting information on the internet.  Some reports that Geysir is active and erupting on about a 10 hour interval - other reports that it is inactive.  Does anybody know?  Also, if anybody has visited - what are the other "must see" geo-thermal features (aside from Strokkur). Thanks for the help.

Norm Krahn
Edmonton, Alberta

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For those perusing geysertimes.org<http://geysertimes.org>, you may have noticed there are times posted for Strokkur in Iceland. Those times are from a streaming camera placed on the hill above Strokkur. Strokkur is a lot of fun to watch, it has majors and minors and sometimes additional bursts, and later in the evening, you can even see the famous (though not natural) blue bubble. On occasion there's heavy boiling in the pool next door, too. Be aware of the time difference: right now the scene is visible in the morning hours.

Here's the link to the Strokkur webcam. It also has links to the Guilfoss waterfall, the unpronounceable volcano that was recently active, the Blue Lagoon and other tourist sites in Iceland. Be careful, though! It makes you want to go there. I do, badly!
Míla í beinni - Geysir<http://live.mila.is/geysir/>

Patricia Kay Snyder (full name, ha ha)

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