[Geysers] Full names needed.

Lee_Whittlesey at nps.gov Lee_Whittlesey at nps.gov
Wed Oct 26 06:35:10 PDT 2011

In my opinion, Scott is absolutely right about this. We need full names of
posters for the sake of the history they are sharing. I griped about this
two years ago, but people continued to do it.

We place these posts in the park archives and it is really confusing and
annoying when the post is signed only "Joe" or "dans44," especially when
they are telling a story that includes items like: "On Friday, Tom and
Sharon and I walked around Beehive."  That would be Tom WHO? Sharon WHO?  I

I like Scott's philosophy---"no namee, no postee."

Lee Whittlesey

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This is an editorial comment sent to the moderators...........

Some time ago (quite a while) it was stated that people posting to this
list had to identify themselves by name. Good policy not being followed. I
have no complaint about the comment by "dans44", but who is he? I'd just
like to know. I could say the same about some other postings in the past
few weeks/months. I'd just like to know.

No namee, no postee.

Scott Bryan

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 I'm no F+M expert, but to my eye, there was little difference in behavior
 between Monday morning + Saturday this week.
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