[Geysers] Manmade (?) Geyser at Pyramid Lake

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Tue Nov 22 16:31:59 PST 2011

There is little question but that this video shows the "geyser", actually  
an erupting well, at Needle Rocks, near the north end of Pyramid Lake. The 
well  (actually, three of them) were drilled by Western Geothermal Inc. in 
the early  1960s. The deepest reached down to 5,888 feet; another was about 
4,000 feet. The  maximum recorded temperature was 240C. From very early on 
(essentially,  immediately upon being drilled) that deepest well "geysered" 
with a cycle of  about 1 minute. It never completely quit but did cycle up and 
down. That info is  as of the late 1960s, at which time also a notable 
amount of geyserite had  already been deposited. deposited. So it is entirely 
possible that the well  head now looks like a cone.
(The above info from "Thermal Waters of Nevada", Nevada Bureau of Mines and 
 Geology Bulletin 91, p. 71-72.)
A photo taken in 1965 -- scanned from a not-all-that-good picture in the  
Bulletin -- is attached.
Scott Bryan
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jeff.cross at utah.edu writes:

Some  time ago, it was mentioned that a geyser might exist at Pyramid Lake, 

Here is a video, as proof that an erupting feature exists  there.  It looks 
very much like a drilled well with rocks piled around  it.  I can find no 
footage of it not  erupting.


Jeff  Cross
jeff.cross at utah.edu
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