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As I recall the Carnegie birdhouses had sensors that are normally used for
outdoor lighting similar to the attached image.   Game detection cameras
certainly have a different sensor and newer technology, hence different
functionality.  The major difference is the field of view.  Lighting units
are wide angle, almost 180 degrees.  A game cameras' FOV is considerably
narrower judging by examples I've seen online.  It might even be adjustable
if the cam has a zoom.  I don't believe the two are comparable.

Udo Freund
GOSA Store

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OK so it looks like the general consensus is that IR monitoring *has* been
tried before, doesn't work well, and has at *least* as many problems as the
existing system... which, actually, doesn't have that many problems.

<grin>. Well, that's why I asked the question :). Thanks all for the
responses, it was very helpful.

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