[Geysers] Webcam times 2/18/2011

Graham Meech meechg at verizon.net
Fri Feb 18 18:02:55 PST 2011

Here are some times from the webcams for Friday 2/18 taken from the chat
log (<http://yellowstone.paulthompson.net/camchat/#StreamOnly>) and Pat
Snyder, thanks for the reports. 

Snowy and hard to see again today but "you know what" erupted again.  Hey -
isn't that what I said yesterday?

Beehive 1526ie Indicator 1518ie, 
Lion 1025ie, 
Old Faithful 0714ie, 0857ie, 1026ie, 1155ie, 1330ie, 1515ie, 1621, 1805, 
Plume 1336ie, 

Graham Meech

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