[Geysers] Animals around Thermal Areas

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Sun Feb 13 09:01:12 PST 2011

No bats this past summer and the guano pile was lower than I remember.  I
suspect the guano washes out with each rain, especially a heavy one.

Udo Freund
GOSA Store

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Can't remember the last year we saw bats at Bat Pool.  There were 
several years when they came and went during the summer.  Could be 
that the crack isn't big enough for the bats and the guano.

Heated stumps?  Don't know where to look for those?

Carlton Cross
cross at bmi.net

At 09:08 AM 2/11/2011, you wrote:
>This was posted on another chat page.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Has
>anyone seen bats at Bat Pool recently? -- Dave
>This is from a guy who contacted me about a film they will be doing next
>year in Yellowstone for National Geographic Society.
>"I am trying to find out is if any bird, mammal or any other species
>display any unusual behaviour that would be a great topic for this
>series. For example I have heard of bats in Yellowstone that are
>roosting at ground level in thermally heated stumps ! This would be
>wonderful to try and film and to see why the bats are doing this!!!"
>Thanks for any info. Maybe someone could post this on the geyser list
>server? Please!
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