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carolyn loren caroloren98 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 12 09:53:18 PST 2011

Yesterday morning 2/11 I replaced the marker, and would guess F&M erupted overnight 2/10-11.  There was fresh-appearing spiky ice near Spiteful, with a veneer of snow as was the case with the whole geyser basin.  
I also caught the Grotto Fountains i.e. at 0944, as well as Grotto and early Riverside overflow (eruption i.e. at 1149).
And about 5 visitors saw the 1135 i.e. Grand, and quite a few more the 1416 i.e. Castle eruption, and from afar the 0907 i.e. and 1022 Lions.
Because of amazing ice, parts of Geyser Hill have been closed off (near Aurum and Beehive, of course), so visitors caught today's 1027 Beehive from this side of the river, and Lion continues to give us a show with 0759 i.e., 0903 i.e. and 1006 i.e. seen so far today, 2/12.
Carolyn Loren
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