[Geysers] Widest Cone-Type Vent

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Splendid turns cone-type.  Overall vent size is not as big as Giant's, but is 
perhaps 2nd.

How about the combined cross-sectional area of Mastiff?  Goes cone when big.

When combining areas, how about all of Fan's vents combined?

People go back and forth as to whether Steamboat is cone/fountain.  The 
cone/fountain distinction is a useful descriptor, but artificial, and there is 
surely overlap.  Introducing that blur, Giantess certainly acts cone-type 
sometimes.  It's vent isn't Giant size, but is also big.  Geysir goes cone for a 
portion of it's eruptions.  It's vent is about 5 ft. across.  Old super duper 
Grand eruptions had steam phases, no?

You can go the other direction and ask: how many fountain type geysers have 
cones?  I think Castle acts downright individual well-separated bursts 
fountain-type sometimes.

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Which cone-type geyser has the widest vent?

Giant's vent is said to be 5 x 7 feet.

Steamboat's vent could be larger, but I have never heard a reliable estimate of 
its true size.

I cannot think of a vent wider than 5 x 7 feet for which the eruption is 

Larger vents certainly exist, but the eruptions from them give fountain-type 
bursting eruptions.

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