[Geysers] Predicting Old Faithful

Carolyn Aaronson car86ga at cox.net
Sat Dec 24 04:12:04 PST 2011

I received a called from Carolyn Loren mentioning that presently they 
are using a time of 88 minutes to predict OF's long eruption. They 
are doing this on a daily basis and if and when there is a change she 
will contact me. All cam operators have been notified and we are 
seeing that the livescope is directed at OF for the eruptions.  Also, 
I do apologize for the sinter and dirt that if now on the lens but 
once the water from OF froze on the lens (while I was wiping it) it 
is impossible to clean unless the temperature warms up.

Carolyn Aaronson (Live Streaming Supervisor)

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