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Sun Dec 18 19:27:57 PST 2011

Dear Friends, 

After I've made soup from the Thanksgiving turkey carcass, there arises a low dread in me. I know that gazers will be demanding a new geyser carol in the coming month. But haven't I already ransacked the seasonal repertoire to find all the tunes that would adapt well to the geyser gazing fetish? Do they really expect me to come up with something every year from now until Doomsday? There's a lot of pressure. Then inspiration comes suddenly, miraculously. Yes, it's so clear to me now. What could be more fitting than... 

Have Yourself A Merry Little Grand Sit 

(to the tune of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”) 

Have yourself a merry little Grand sit, just stay put and pray 

That there won’t be any Rift or Vent delay. 

Have yourself a merry little Grand sit, keep Grand’s pool in sight, 

Stare for hours at tiny bits of geyserite. 

Here we sit on a foggy day, rainy soggy day till late, 

Faithful friends who are near to us share their beer with us and wait. 

Through the gloom we all sit here together if the storms allow, 

We’ll wait here until we all see Grand go POW, 

So have yourself a merry little Grand sit now. 

Best wishes from 

Steve Gryc
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