[Geysers] UGB 12/1, 12/11 & 12/12

Graham Meech meechg at verizon.net
Tue Dec 13 16:30:37 PST 2011

Welcome home Carolyn.


You asked about Beehive and Plume.  When I visited the park in September I
retired from doing my daily email posts.   The information for them came
from the web pages maintained by Jake Young and Allan Glennon who have
worked hard to capture information and make it available, synchronizing data
between their sites too.  Check out www.geysers.net/mobile and
www.geysertimes.org .  Thanks must also go out to the many people that
provide data to those sites and self-police the reports to improve the
quality and eliminate most of the false reports (they don't happen often and
are usually caught and corrected).


To get a list of Plume or Beehive times you can see them by clicking on the
geyser name on the home page of www.geysertimes.org .
www.geysers.net/mobile  has a prediction for the next eruptions too.  


Plume intervals are mostly 70-80min recently, much longer than this summer.
Beehive sightings are listed below - full moon has helped get some overnight
times recently but checkout today's interval - 9h15m with no indicator seen
before Beehive!  No false indicators have been reported (yet).  Dome is
active today too.


One final repeat plug is for Paul Thompsons chat page where a lot of webcam
watchers gather (especially when Beehive is due)


Graham Meech.


Beehive eruption reports:

 <http://www.geysertimes.org/getSingleEruption.php?id=16558> 13 Dec 2011 @
1307 wc

9h 13m

 <http://www.geysertimes.org/getSingleEruption.php?id=16540> 13 Dec 2011 @
0354 wc

12h 59m

 <http://www.geysertimes.org/getSingleEruption.php?id=16526> 12 Dec 2011 @
1455 wc

12h 55m

 <http://www.geysertimes.org/getSingleEruption.php?id=16495> 12 Dec 2011 @
0200 ie wc

13h 30m

 <http://www.geysertimes.org/getSingleEruption.php?id=16473> 11 Dec 2011 @
1230 wc

1day 5m

 <http://www.geysertimes.org/getSingleEruption.php?id=16437> 10 Dec 2011 @
1225 wc

2days 4h 1m

 <http://www.geysertimes.org/getSingleEruption.php?id=16371> 08 Dec 2011 @
0824 wc

15h 18m

 <http://www.geysertimes.org/getSingleEruption.php?id=16364> 07 Dec 2011 @
1706 wc

1day 4h 40m

 <http://www.geysertimes.org/getSingleEruption.php?id=16332> 06 Dec 2011 @
1226 wc

18h 57m

 <http://www.geysertimes.org/getSingleEruption.php?id=16321> 05 Dec 2011 @
1729 wc

1day 13m

 <http://www.geysertimes.org/getSingleEruption.php?id=16302> 04 Dec 2011 @
1716 wc

1day 3h 35m

 <http://www.geysertimes.org/getSingleEruption.php?id=16268> 03 Dec 2011 @
1341 wc

1day 3h 16m

 <http://www.geysertimes.org/getSingleEruption.php?id=16233> 02 Dec 2011 @
1025 ie wc

21h 30m




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So I'm back for the winter and will tell you what I know, so far.  (No one
need say goodbye any more, you're all off the hook.)
I thought the Fan & Mortar marker was still in place on 12/1, and verified
that over the last couple days.  Oh well.  I didn't see much else on 12/1.
12/11:  Grotto was i.e. at 1344, Oblong erupted for me at 1359 n.s., and
Black Sand Pool is still fun.
BSP "thunks" at 1425, 1426, 1431, 1433 and 1434
      small boils at 1431 and 1434
      big 10+ foot splash at 1428
12/12:  Jewel intervals at 1446, 1455, 1504 and 1512
Has anyone seen Plume on the webcam?  How about Beehive?
Carolyn Loren

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