[Geysers] Geyser Report 10/30/2010; F&M early afternoon

Bill Warnock billwarnock at wyellowstone.com
Sat Oct 30 22:11:17 PDT 2010

Today was pleasant, high around 50.  I had my home windows washed this morning and got to Park shortly before 1 pm.  I saw Carolyn Loren at the Visitors Center shortly before 2.  She had been at F&M and saw the marker still there.  At 1258 there was splashing from Main Vent, which continued on and off until she left around 1330, when River Vent started.  I biked up to Castle, when I saw Grand ie at 1413.  I waited to see if there was a second burst...there was not...and I biked on down basin. When I arrived at F&M at 1430, Fan was in steam phase, and the boardwalk toward the picnic table all wet.  Therefore, Fan and Mortar went sometime between 1330 and 1420...we missed it by minutes. No known observers saw it.

Other times:

Indicator  1227ie  Beehive 1230
Grand  0418E  1413ns
Fountain  0947ns   1522 (per Maureen) 
Rift  1240ie
Riverside  1030ie
Daisy  0130E  0404E  0637E

Great Fountain is still in recovery from wild phase.  When I arrived at 1510 it was in overflow with strong boiling around the edges; at 1528 the pool suddenly dropped and overflow stopped.  
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