[Geysers] Additional Geyser Times for 10/22 and 10/23

Mike Keller kscope_ynp at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 24 09:10:04 PDT 2010


Daisy 1811

Oblong crater empty 1810

Sawmill 1847

Grotto was post marathon at 1815.  Variable Spring was 2 feet below overflow and 
the Giant Group was dead.


Rift 0743
Sputniks 0745
Bijou fully recovered at 0750.  No evidence of hot periods at Giant.
Riverside 0849
West Triplet 1625, d=35m
Grand 1722 (D3/G2C), d=11m 20s.  There was a 93 second pause between the first 
and second burst
Artemisa 1733ie
Plume 1737
Grotto was still in eruption at 1740.  It started at 1243.  This was the first 
Grotto after the marathon.
Great Fountain 1944, P=1.


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