[Geysers] 10/15/10 Geyser Report

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Fri Oct 15 20:47:43 PDT 2010


Here are the times I got today in the park:

Oblong  0857  1937
Grand  0102 electronic  1006 T1C  2012 T2*Q
Castle  0410 electronic  1809 n.s. (major)
West Triplet  0912 n.s.  1906 n.s.
Rift  0954 i.e.
Plume  1019  1112  1206  1256  1400
Lion  1039  1156  1305  1411
Daisy  1134 i.e.  1417 i.e.  1936 i.e.
Beehive Indicator  1258
Beehive  1316
Penta  1402 i.e.
Aurum  1408
Spasm  1544
Fountain  1600 d=30
Twig  1633

It was fairly chilly today, though not bad for October.  There was a cold
wind much of the day, and it looked like it might rain off and on, but we
only got a couple sprinkles.  Right around sunset I looked up and realized
all the clouds had magically vanished.  Beehive erupted after an 18 minute
Indicator, so maybe it is working itself back to a more normal pattern after
the last couple erratic months.  I enjoyed the 1937 Oblong: it was dark and
steamy, but there wasn't another person in sight, so I could really feel the
thumps.  Kitt and Polly think there might have been a Vent Delay before the
2012 Grand, but it was impossible to tell due to darkness.  I was at Oblong,
and I forgot to write down when the delay may have happened.

Scott  Grisso
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