[Geysers] 10/2/10 Geyser Report

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Sat Oct 2 19:33:07 PDT 2010

Hello all.  We had an absolutely gorgeous day in the basins.  I was
comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts for several hours.  It was much nicer
today than it was the first week of July!  There was a huge bison jam
between the Upper and Lower Basins this afternoon, with numerous animals
hanging out in the middle of the road.  We weren't in a hurry though, so it
was kinda fun.  I watched Grand from Oblong.  I didn't get the duration, but
it was a short eruption.  Kitt probably got the duration, but I forgot to
ask.  Oblong was one of the more impressive eruptions I've seen this year,
with several nice thumps and some bursts well above the ridgeline.  Grotto
started around 1111 and was still erupting when we headed in around 1930.

Pink Cone  0758 i.e.
Aurum  0942  1246 i.e.
Fountain 0902 n.s. d=?  1452 d=30
Daisy  1031 1251
Grand  1044 T1C
West Triplet  1052 i.e.
Grotto/Grotto Fountain  1111 i.e.
Oblong  1142
Rift  1154 i.e.
Plume  1227  1833
Lion 1233  1445  1910
Beehive Indicator  1228 i.e.
Beehive 1257
Rocket major  1258 i.e.
Riverside 1308
Spasm  1458 i.e.
Great Fountain  1732 i.e.
White Dome  1743  1801
Castle major 1911

Scott Grisso
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