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Stephen Eide stepheneide at cableone.net
Sun Nov 14 19:00:18 PST 2010

Greetings and Salutations,

this is the second part of my closing week report for November 1 to
7, 2010.  In West Thumb most everything was still quiet.  Surging Spring is
active, not erupting but boiling/bubbling and having periods of intermittent
overflow.  Collapsing pool and Ledge Geyser were cooler and below overflow.
Thumb Geyser was about 1-2 feet below overflow and cool.  Percolating Spring
only had water almost out of sight in the main vent.  Perforated pool was
overflowing but not bubbling at all.  Ephedera Spring was about two inches
below overflow with algae growing in it.  Blue Funnel Spring was just below
overflow and not boiling/bubbling but did appear to be  hot.  Twin Geyser
was down about a foot but it appears both vents are boiling/bubbling and
hotter than they were this summer.  Abyss pool continues to be cooler with
algae growing in it.  King Geyser is hot and boiling but alas would not
erupt for me.  Black pool is hot also.  I did not see Skinny Geyser and
Hillside was steaming but nothing more.  Big Cone was bubbling/boiling with
overflow.  Fishing Cone was boiling/bubbling with the side vent in
intermittent overflow.  Sometimes at peak overflow the side vent did erupt
to about a foot or less.  The eruptions were more likely when the intervals
on the overflow were longer.  Lakeshore Geyser is about two feet above lake
level but all I saw it do was bubble/boil gently.  UNNG WTL-1 is still in
the lake, so no activity.  I did she a spring that is new to me south of
Lakeshore about 30-40 feet from the boardwalk where the sand hits the dirt.
It has steady runoff that travels a few feet then disappears into the sand.
Occasional Geyser was active  but I did not catch an interval.  I did not
see Lone Pine.  In the Potts basin from the roadside turnout I saw a lot of
steam but I think it all came from several small strongly boiling pools.

In Norris I did not  get to the back basin.  In the Porcelain Basin it was
very quiet with nothing much erupting.  I did watch Whirligig for a while
but did not see it erupt.  There does appear to be something active below
Rediscovered Geyser giving off a steady large steam cloud.  Unfortunately I
ran out of time and did not stay long at Norris.

Stephen Eide
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