[Geysers] Webcam times 11/12/2010

Graham Meech meechg at verizon.net
Fri Nov 12 16:43:45 PST 2010

Here are some times from the webcams on Friday 11/12/10  taken from the chat
log ( < <http://yellowstone.paulthompson.net/camchat/#StreamOnly>
http://yellowstone.paulthompson.net/camchat/#StreamOnly>)  and from Pat
Snyder, thanks for all the reports.

No Beehive today ..... I wonder what that means?

Aurum 1000, 

Castle 1458ie minor, 

Daisy 1726ie, 

Depression 0648ie, 1016, 1553ie, 

Old Faithful 0801ie, 0942 (short), 1047, 1349ie, 1517,  1649ie, 

Penta 1115ie, 

Plume 0949ie, 1057, 1156ie, 1358ie, 1507ie,  

Riverside 1052ie, 


Graham Meech


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