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Greetings and Salutations,

To add to Tara's data, I did visit East Sentinel about an hour or hour and a
half before the eruption on the way to Artimesia.  Then I was a few seconds
behind Tara in seeing the eruption and I did sit on it for about an hour and
a half a few hours after the eruption.

At that time I was walking to Artimesia  before the eruption East
Sentinel was boiling as strong as I have seen, the upper part of  the boil
was six inches to may be a foot and a half over the sinter rim.  I only
watched for a few minutes however.

When I reached East Sentinel during the eruption I saw one burst from a
distance that looked to be 10-15 feet maybe, I saw it from the Artimesia
trail.  When I got down to East Sentinel the max height was maybe ten feet
and quickly dropped to three to six feet.  Using the top picture of Tara's
for naming the vents, Sentinel's Vents were not active except to make noise
but the side vent/drain hole was erupting strongly to 10-15 feet.  There was
a clear area of wash from East Sentinel to about 15-20 feet up the small
water course that makes East Sentinel an island.  I have pictures also, but
they are exactly like Tara's.  After the eruption was over East Sentinel
appeared to be empty as best as I could see.

When I went back a few hours later East Sentinel was going through cycles of
increasd boiling, again six inches to over a foot above the sinter rim,
these occured about every five to ten minutes from peak boiling to peak
boiling.  After the strong boiling stopped the pool in East Sentinel dropped
below overflow.  Also at that time Sentinel's vent would start a loud
boiling deep in the holes with no water or droplets visible on the surface.
The side vent/drain hole did nothing during these boils.  I'll send more if
I think of anything else.

Stephen Eide
On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 1:22 AM, Tara Cross <fanandmortar at hotmail.com>wrote:

>  >2. I'm quite certain that the "side vent" described with this activity
> is/are the same as what I put into my book's 4th Edition as "UNNG-MGG-2
> ("Sentinel's Vents")". The >eruptions I saw in 2004 and 2005 were
> independent of anything more than the normal boiling in East Sentinel
> itself.
> As I said before, the side vent I am talking about is actually in the
> channel that flows between East Sentinel and the embankment.  I have
> attached some pictures to show its location.  You can also see it on the
> YouTube video Dave Monteith posted.  If "Sentinel's Vents" participated in
> the eruption, it was before I arrived at the scene.
> Clark Murray and David Schwarz have both reported that they did not see
> this vent erupt when they witnessed eruptions of East Sentinel in 1991 and
> 2001, respectively.  I didn't get a year for the eruption Mike Keller saw
> that included the side vent.  I believe this is the vent described as a
> drain hole by Murray.
> --Tara Cross
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