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A couple of items about East Sentinel. Noting that I have not had the  
privilege to see it erupt since ??the early 1980s or so, I can say this:
1. I'm pretty sure East Sentinel had some eruptive activity this past  
summer, sometime probably not too long before my arrival in the Park in late  
August, as I saw signs of washing on the slope uphill, where the trees were  
already browning.
2. I'm quite certain that the "side vent" described with this activity  
is/are the same as what I put into my book's 4th Edition as "UNNG-MGG-2  
("Sentinel's Vents")". The eruptions I saw in 2004 and 2005 were independent of  
anything more than the normal boiling in East Sentinel itself.
Scott Bryan
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