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 I reported earlier on the November 4 eruption of East Sentinel, but now that I have more time I will add some details that I didn't mention earlier:

1) The water was a little bit muddy, but not as dark as pictures I saw from 2002.

2) The side channel that flows between East Sentinel and the embankment did have a light flow.

3) The small trees on the embankment above the vent in the side channel were turning a reddish color.  Coincidence?

4) After reading Murray (Transactions IV) and Bryan (2008), I am theorizing that this eruption came from both of East Sentinel's vents.  The big burst I did see landed on the embankment, and there was obvious splatter up the hill past the sawhorse.  There was also a lot of matted grass and wash between East Sentinel's vent and the embankment, indicating that the big part of the eruption came from the northwest vent.  However, when I got to East Sentinel and could actually see water, it appeared to be having low bursts at an angle towards the river, which would be coming from the southeast vent.  Any thoughts?

5) Due to having left personal items unattended at F&M, I did not stay at East Sentinel after the main eruption ended.  After reading Murray, I wish I had stayed to see if there were follow-up minors.

6) I have received a report that David Goldberg observed eruption aftermath at East Sentinel on October 19 (matted grass, fishy smell, etc.), and it's possible that there have been more eruptions this fall, explaining why the water was not very murky.

And now a question for those who have seen activity from East Sentinel:  is the vent in the side channel always active with major eruptions?  Mike Keller told me he saw it, but Murray mentions it only as a drain hole.  Was it active with the eruptions seen in 2002?

I have posted some pictures on Facebook:


 Video will be posted on YouTube soon.

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