[Geysers] 10/31-11/2/2010

Bill Warnock billwarnock at wyellowstone.com
Tue Nov 2 23:04:20 PDT 2010

I was in the Park today, hi in the low 50s...beautiful eruption of Grand at 1651 with dark purple blue clouds in background and fully sunlit Grand and rainbows when it reached 50 feet or more...what a sight!  Also had an event cycle at Fan and Mortar in early afternoon with two River pauses and splashing in Main vent...no F&M tho.  Other times today:

Daisy  1007  1249  1537
Fountain  1122ns  1658 (per Maureen)
Pink Cone  1100ie
Depression  1253  1607
Beehive  1006ie
Grand  0709E  1651 T2C
Plume  1012  1115ie  1217  1319
Aurum  1327
Castle  1333ie  major
Rocket major  1355
Riverside  1420
Lion  1544
West Triplet  1649
Great Fountain appears to still be in wild phase recovery.

A few times from log book at OFVC:


Grand  0951E  2100E
Lion  1254  1407ie


Indicator  1549  Beehive 1605
Fountain 1042 d=31  1716 d=32 (per Maureen)
Little Squirt  1200ie
Grand  0843E  1950E

Good weather forecasts thru Friday...come for closing weekend!          GO GIANT and GIANTESS!

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