[Geysers] Webcam times 3/16/2010

Graham Meech meechg at verizon.net
Tue Mar 16 19:07:38 PDT 2010

Here are some times from the webcams on Tuesday 3/16/10  taken from the chat
log ( < <http://yellowstone.paulthompson.net/camchat/#StreamOnly>
http://yellowstone.paulthompson.net/camchat/#StreamOnly>) and from Pat
Snyder, thanks for all the reports.  Lion active again with one interval of
only 48min.  Plume had "normal" shorter intervals today, around an hour.
Depression may have lengthened slightly to 3 hour intervals.  Still no
Beehive sighting for several days now.


Aurum 1105, 

Daisy 1901ie, 

Depression 0823ie, 1127ie, 1734ie, 

Grand 1253ie, 

Lion 1408ie, 1530, 1626ie, 1720, 1808ns, 1904, 2001, 

Little Squirt 1948ie, 

OF 0746ie, 0918, 1051ie, 1222ie, 1349, 15:25, 1652, 1833, 1941, 

Plume 0913, 1400ie, 1602, 1703, 1806, 1903, 

Riverside 0650ns, 


Graham Meech



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