[Geysers] Knitting Olympics

James Graber jgra at loc.gov
Wed Mar 10 06:03:17 PST 2010

Real good lookin sweater.
Dare I say, the model looks real good, too?
Jim Graber 

>>> Lucille Reilly <thedulcimerlady at juno.com> 3/7/2010 12:01 AM >>>
Hi everyone,


I have had a hankering to knit a Yellowstone "story sweater" in the Cowichan
tradition.  (The Cowichan Band is indigenous to the Vancouver area.)


So, when the Olympics came along, and more than a few yarn shops around the
country hosted Knitting Olympics, encouraging knitters to complete a project
only during that time period, I couldn't resist.


Two of you sent me photos of the fireplace grates at OFI, which got the
whole thing started.  To see the completed sweater (really a coat) and the
story behind its completion, click here
<http://www.dulcimerlady.com/KO-2010.htm> .


I know you'll all enjoy the image on the sweater's back.


Lucille Reilly

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