[Geysers] Webcam times 11/14/09

Graham Meech meechg at verizon.net
Sat Nov 14 16:34:10 PST 2009

Here are some times from the  webcam on Saturday 11/14/09 taken from the
chat log (thank you for all the reports).   Another daylight Beehive, ~17
hour interval so maybe an overnight eruption and then a chance for a late
day eruption tomorrow before dark.  It appears the Lion at 1546 was the end
of the series (no eruption by 1730 and quite a few roars beforehand so that
would make the series duration 32 hours 15 min.   Depression was frequent
and no Grand or Daisy eruptions were seen but it was very snowy at times and
hard to see anything down-basin.


Beehive 0907, Ind 0859ie, 

Depression 0646ie, 0915ie, 1214, 1436, 1726ie, 

Lion  0640ie, 0744, 0850ie, 1007ie, 1118ie, 1204, 1318, 1431, 1546 - end of

Oblong 1303ie (?), 

OF 0705, 0842, 0938, 1122, 1245, 1420, 1546, 1730, 

Plume 1154, 1256, 1354, 1613, 1713, 

Riverside 1421ie


Graham Meech

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